…and Delivery

This post is Part 2 of a two-part series chronicling my first birth experience. For Part 1 – visit the post, “Labour”. Throughout my first pregnancy, the question of pain management during the inevitable birth was always at the back of my head. Would I get an epidural? How would I handle the pain? WOULDContinue reading “…and Delivery”

Birth: The Not So Silent Silenced Experience

*Trigger warning: This post talks about childbirth. From the moment I knew we were having twins, I knew that *I* would be having twins. As in, I would be birthing… twins. Two babies. At once. Well, not simultaneously (ouch), but – consecutively (still ouch). As if carrying two babies wasn’t challenging enough (and trust meContinue reading “Birth: The Not So Silent Silenced Experience”

Surviving Six Months

Our little twin girls will soon be six months old. There’s something about this milestone that feels important. Like, a reeeeally big deal. We’ve made it this far. We’ve survived the newborn stage, just barely, and come out the other side with more wrinkles, bigger bags under our eyes, and two little perfect girls whoContinue reading “Surviving Six Months”

Sleeplessly Serving Squash

When I was pregnant with my first child, so many people told me to “sleep while you can” and once the baby comes, “sleep when the baby sleeps”. I’d nod and say something like, “Yes, for sure!”, but after a while it just became repetitive and basically the one big piece of advice anyone wouldContinue reading “Sleeplessly Serving Squash”

In The Weeds

Otherwise known as: the twin newborn stage. There’s a saying in the service industry: in the weeds. Your shift starts easy enough; a few two-tops out for date night that are relaxed and in no rush. A table of four, but they order straight from the menu, no substitutions or extras to remember, and they’reContinue reading “In The Weeds”