Hey….. you.

Hi, I’m Elaine: teacher, runner, knitter, procrastinator, over thinker, and mom of four future (and current) girl bosses. Occasionally, I write stuff in my head. Now, some of it ends up here.

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About Me

I’m a mom to four cute as heck girls who all look like my husband. You’ll find me at home, not because we’re still wading through a pandemic, but because with twin infants – well, you don’t go anywhere. My 1980’s knotty-pine kitchen will always have a dish waiting to be washed, and despite frequent vacuuming, there will always be a tumbleweed of dog hair somewhere on my floor, usually moments after I put the vacuum away. While everyone else’s laundry will be folded semi neatly in their drawer, mine will always prefer the floor, the chair, or, the top of the dresser. If you’re looking for domestic perfection, you won’t find it here. But, you might find some honest words that you may just relate to. Welcome.